I am so excited to be able to purchase a t-shirt. I am a first grade teacher and I read the story, "Elephants Can Paint Too" every year to my students. I wanted to buy a painting, but this shirt is much more affordable!

I have been sharing your website with my students all morning and we are in the middle of writing a paragraph about them now. I can't wait to wear my shirt to work so they can "see" the artwork!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the quick response! My sister and I actually found your organization several years ago and bought our mom one of the pieces. I have been following the website since and thought this piece would look great at my boyfriend's new condo!
I love the mission of your organization and I have spread the word to many people! I wish you a happy New Year and thanks for all you do!

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I spent an amazing week at ElephantStay in 2007 and am planning to go back in April of next year. I was so sorry to hear of the devastation. If they are not up and running by April, I will go volunteer my time to help them out in any way I can. 
Thank you for all that you do!
Happy Holidays.

Thank you for your note. I was, of course, intrigued. I've also always had a love of elephants. So, I must have elephant art! I'm having a hard time choosing, though. I'm partial to the works of Noppakhao and Boon Rod. I'll eventually make up my mind, and you'll hear from me again. I got the tie for my husband for Christmas, which will please him because of his fondness for everything Thai.

Your work with the elephants is fantastic, and their stories on the website are treasures. I've posted your site on my Facebook page and would be delighted if it brought you further support.

I am happy to have found your organization, and privileged to own actual elephant art.

Thank you,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and timely reply. I appreciate how complex we have made life for so many animals given our propensity to take over their land space and how we are then left with a certain challenge to help them survive as best they can. For so many animals, elephants being one, walking many miles daily and movement over a large space is part of their natural state of well being - it's sad to think that we have created a world where they can no longer safely do what is their great pleasure. We humans are curious creatures with a great capacity to disregard our affect on other living beings. The love of money IS the root of all evil.

Given the amazing intelligence of elephants, I can see where mental and creative stimulation must be of some comfort and entertainment to them. Thank you so much for the work that you do to help save and prosper these amazing animals. I can think of no greater life’s work than to be a part of something that enhances the lives of creatures great and small - including but not limited to humans.

Be well.

Hi David, 
I am looking forward to seeing the painting up close and personal! I love the idea of elephant art, the different styles and the eagerness of the elephants to participate in this wonderful creative way of fundraising for the ultimate good of the elephants. Thank you for being a part of this

Thanks so much for your note, David.
My daughter will be very excited. She learned about your initiative at school from one of her teachers. What you are doing for the elephants is miraculous and we are happy to support these beautiful creatures in our very small way.

I am very excited about my painting! A couple years ago I came across a video of an elephant painting. I was astonished by what I saw. I just had to find out more about this so I started looking on the internet and found your organization. I’ve wanted to buy a painting ever since and think this particular item will look lovely in my home once I get it framed special.
Elephants reflect the majesty, wonder and goodness that we seek in our own humanity. I can’t imagine a world without them. So I am glad to be able to support your efforts now and in the future.

I truly want to thank you again for everything. All the help and communication has made this a pleasant experience. 
As I've said before I look forward to this being the first of many works that I get from your foundation. My mom is ecstatic for the painting and she can't wait to recieve the work. 
Thank you again. 

Dear David,
Thank you so much. I look forward to receiving the painting. I happened upon your website when I was looking for a gift for my partner. I was just searching for a print of an elephant (my partner's favourite animal), but then saw that I could get actual art created by an elephant. So much more special! I'm also happy that the purchase of the painting is used to raise funds to care for and protect elephants around the world. Perhaps I will purchase more artwork from your organization in the future. Thank you again.
Kind Regards,

Hi David -
Thanks so much, I can't wait! I learned about you through Novica, the National Geo web site, and after looking at the art on the site, went directly to yours to see more. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with our first child, and i have been searching for the perfect art for our baby's nursery....we wanted something original and unique with meaning, and still whimsical and colorful - the elephant art is PERFECT! I have already been telling all my family and friends about it, and once the nursery is done I'm posting it on a few interior design blogs, so
hopefully we will continue to raise awareness! We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, but I love the idea that they will tell their friends through the years that an elephant painted their pictures...we have even talked about visiting the camp as a family some day! With luck we will some day meet Boon Rod!
Keep up the good work, I will continue to spread the word....

A facebook friend of my girlfriend sent a link with a video of an elephant painting. We checked it's authenticity on which linked to your site. We think it is wonderful and hope that humans can see that we are not the only intelligent animals on this planet and must learn to live in harmony with the others. I really liked Lakshmi's art. I hope she has a wonderful life and am glad to help your cause.


Hi David,
We just received our elephant art from Khamtool and I can't tell you how much we love it!  It literally took my breath away.  It is amazing how much better it looks in person compared to the website!  I am beyond happy with our purchase and can't thank you enough for all you do to protect and love elephants.

Laurie and Matthew


We did receive the painting yesterday and it is lovely. It reminds me of a bouquet by Chagall, but this is much more special. The paper is beautiful and Kam Lai Tongs use of color is charming. The entire presentation with with certificate of authenticity and the bio is all a finely done job.

I noted on your website that you will consider commissioned pieces. Is it possible to get on a list or make a request for one of Hong's paintings of an elephant with a flower. Having the two styles framed side by side makes a powerful statement about what these artists are actually doing with their painting. It would be quite exciting to me.



Your organization is THE BEST!  

My delightful, happy, spirited Plai Chompon painting arrived today.  Actually, it arrived on Saturday, 22 Dec (only TWO days after my purchasing it!!!!  WOW!) but I was not at home to accept the Fed Ex arrival.  So I JUST got the painting and it is everything I hoped it would be.  Your website picture of it was completely true to color, the paper is terrific, and I feel so happy knowing that in a small way I could help another soul on the planet.  

Thank you so very much.  I hope you, your staff, all the elephants and their handlers (especially Plai Chompon and Khun Jo) have a healthy, peaceful New Year.


Dear Mr. Ferris:

I look forward to receiving this work.  It has a radiance and cheerfulness, conveying current contentment and future hope--maybe I am reading too much into what Ging Gaow had in mind.

I don't know how I first learned about elephants painting--I've known for quite a while.  My brother was once a zoo keeper at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.  He took care of elephants, developed relationships, explained what the keepers do to keep the elephants interested and happy.  

Like many animals, through no fault of their own their lives become entwined with humans and it is not always a positive experience. Organizations like yours are trying to do something to change things, and this is my small way of contributing.

As for the specifics, I googled 'art by elephants' and looked through the responses.  I liked the fact that your organization seems to designate a greater portion of the proceeds to the animal, the mahout, and the fortunes of others like them.

Thank you for your efforts,


I'm writing to thank you for Jintara #623. It arrived--impeccably packed, I might add--on Friday, 4 June. I have to tell you, I was moved to tears when I first unrolled it. It is beautiful on its own, but knowing how it was created, by whom, and why, makes it all the more special. It is now a treasured addition to our house.

I wish you much further success with your venture.


Hi David:

That is no problem.  I just love that specific painting and couldn't bear to part with it now.  Do you have any framing recommendations so that I can be assured the paper will last?  I am so happy I found AEACP.  I love elephants so much.  This painting (as well as the others) is so beautiful and I am so proud of it.  As proud as if my very own child had painted it.

Could you please email some of those 31x43 paintings as well?  I'd love to take a look at them.

Thanks for all your help. Have a great day.


I'm thrilled!  I agree with you, it is a stunning piece, and I was hard pressed to pick it because there were so many others that I liked a lot.  In the end, it was the piece that I kept going back to.

I read your ad in the New Yorker. I went to your site from there.  The organization, the site and the art are impressive, and I look forward to telling the story behind the art.

Thanks again for the work you do and for your prompt and personal reply.

Happy Holidays,


The artwork arrived, and I opened at my office.  It is stunning.  I love the painting, and the web did as much justice as it could, but seeing it live really brings the art and the artist to mind.  The impact the piece had on me was almost overwhelming.  Everyone in my office who has seen it just loves it, and they are all surprised when I tell them who the artist is.  You guys run a great site, and this work you do is so important and beautiful.

Thanks very much and happy holidays,


In truth, I hadn’t heard of the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project. My wife and I have a very dear friend who has spent time in Thailand and has a deep affection for elephants. She married about a month ago and had requested charitable donations in place of wedding gifts. After searching the internet, we found your wonderful organization. Its lighthearted recognition of artistic achievement combined with a genuine passion for the lives of those create it and who cannot control their fates is rare, much appreciated and much needed.  It also appears to be a perfect gift for our friend Elizabeth and her husband. My wife and I applaud your efforts and wish you luck in giving these great creatures the lives they deserve.   If fortune is with us, this will not be the last you hear from us. We pray for your success.



I received my painting this morning, delivery was exceptionally fast and painting arrived in excellent condition.
The painting is absolutely wonderful and i couldn't pick a better organization to support.
Thank you so much and best of luck with this very worthy project.
Cuddles for the elephants


You move me to tears, David, and I can only imagine how relieved the elephants are that their human companions have raised their consciousness.

When we have said that an elephant never forgets I don't think we had any idea of the profound and inexplicable depth of the truth we had spoken. We look for intelligent life on other planets...and here we are present to such a miracle. Thank you again for your generosity and curiosity of spirit. I am giving this painting as a gift and I consider it a joy and honor to introduce my family and friends to your amazing enterprise and mission.

The best to you,

I can't tell you how excited I am to get this painting. It is actually going to be a Christmas present for my wife; I asked her sister to take a look at the website for her opinion, and the first one we both mentioned was Jintara #11, so it had to be that one.

My wife has been involved in wildlife conservation, so there has been a lot of discussion about buying some elephant art for a while, but I think the first we both heard of it was the piece on 60 Minutes. The real motivation has been that we are expecting in January, and who wants to raise a child in a house without an elephant painting? Not me.

It is great that we're going to get the painting this quickly--thanks for that--I hope that this will be just the first time we buy a painting. And thanks for all the good work you do, it is wonderful to be able to get such a terrific present.


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