Locations: Sri Lanka

The Millennium Elephant Foundation
Randeniya, Hiriwadunna, Kegalle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Elephants Bathing

"At the turn of the 20th Century, there were more than 12,000 elephants in the jungles of Sri Lanka. Now it is estimated that there are only between 2,500 and 2,800 and 192 elephants living in domesticity. The Millennium Elephant Foundation seeks to promote and improve elephant welfare in Sri Lanka by encouraging the conservation of Sri Lanka's threatened elephant population and compassionate elephant ownership. We hope to do this by raising awareness of the elephant's struggle by offering medical assistance and promoting education relating to elephant welfare, not only in Sri Lanka but around the world.

Rani in Sri Lanka

The Millennium Elephant Foundation is situated on a 15 acre estate known as Samaragiri, which has been home to the Samarasinghe family for many generations. The family has owned elephants since the 1960's and in 1979 Mr. Samarasinghe (1939 - 1991) opened the estate to the public as the "Elephant Bath". Currently the MEF is home to 5 cow (female) elephants. The youngest, Pooja was the first captive elephant to be bred in Sri Lanka, born in 1984. It is estimated that the MEF grounds have a total holding capacity of 10-15 female elephants; with additional consideration given to male elephants if necessary. In an effort to increase awareness and generate the funds needed for the maintenance and care of our elephants, the MEF actively welcomes visitors and encourages one-to-one interaction with them.

Mahouts of Sri Lanka

The MEF is approximately a 2 and a half hour drive from Colombo towards Kandy on the Kandy-Colombo Road. We are located approximately 3km from the junction (in Kegalle) on the road to Pinnewala."
- text taken from www.millenniumelephantfoundation.com



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