Founded in 1998 by artists Komar & Melamid, the AEACP is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that works with and provides support for elephants across SE Asia. Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and were originally taught to paint in the US as a way to keep them cognitively active and mentally stimulated. The teaching process is based strictly on positive reinforcement. Each elephant definitely has their own distinct style and technique but do receive food and praise for mark making.

Asian Elephants are endangered and we believe that wherever possible they should be allowed to exist naturally in their native habitats. Unfortunately however, there are many elephants remaining in captivity with little protection and no habitat left to return to. Through this project we aim to educate the public about the elephants’ plight, educate caretakers in humane care practices, and raise funds to provide support and care to both captive and wild populations.

These elephant paintings are all original works of art and are available for purchase. Please help to support this important cause. Get your elephant painting online today!

To see more elephant paintings by these and other elephants, please click upon an elephant name in the box menu on the right.

New Elephant Paintings For January

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