Thailand - Bird

CAMP: Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal

SEX: Male
AGE: born in 1990
MAHOUT: Mr. Nimit Kerdkarn

Bird was born into domesticity in 1990. Like many Thai elephant artists, Bird was born into a family of timber workers, and her working class roots seem to impart a distinct physicality to her painting style. She was taught how to paint by Komar & Melamid in 1998 when she was eight years old and is featured in the book, When Elephants Paint. Bird unfortunately passed away suddenly in the summer of 2000. Her legacy however continues through her beautiful abstract paintings.

Bird approached the canvas with a potent combination of exhilaration and aggression, swinging her trunk forward and back in broad, sweeping strokes. These tectonic brush strokes have drawn frequent comparisons to the work of Abstract Expressionist Franz Klein.

Bird #001 Bird #001 $350.00
Bird #004 Bird #004 $400.00
Bird #105 Bird #105 $350.00
Bird #128 Bird #128 $350.00
Bird #180 Bird #180 $400.00
Bird #210 Bird #210 $400.00

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