Thailand - Thongpoon

Thongpoon pic

CAMP: Maetaman Elephant Camp

ELEPHANT: Thongpoon
SEX: Male
AGE: 7
MAHOUT: Mr. Chaidee Konsinpathaphi


Thongpoon is a rather sensitive elephant. On his strolls around the camp, Thongpoon can be easily startled when cattle or even chickens approach. Despite being somewhat jumpy, he maintains a strong affection for his first mahout, Saeng, and will overcome his nervousness when he is around.

Saeng began teaching Thongpoon how to paint at around age four. After six months of training, Thongpoon was able to paint flowers and trees. Now, after a full year of painting classes, Thongpoon's signature masterpiece is the orchid flower. He is also skilled at creating very specific line compositions. As such, Chaidee has begun self-portrait painting practice and can already compose a simple profile picture.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for Thongpoon as he continues to develop his skills.

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