Thailand - Jaab

Jaab pic

CAMP: Maetaman Elephant Camp

SEX: Male
AGE: 10
MAHOUT: Mr. Phad Singbut


Jaab was born in 1999, and at eight years old, he is a very healthy, strong, active elephant. Though he can be a bit tough, he loves to play with his elephant friends. He does not care whether they are big or small, young or old. He seems to like everybody.

This agreeable nature helped Jaab when he started learning to paint five years ago. Of course, the rewards of corn (his favorite food) also helped. In the beginning, Jaab and his mahout, Phad Singbut, had to learn from one another. This early work certainly paid off. Jaab is now creating beautiful art in a range of styles. Phad Singbut has taught him to paint both realistic and abstract paintings. We can't wait to watch his style progress.

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