Thailand - Boombim

Boombim pic

CAMP: Maetaman Elephant Camp

SEX: Female
AGE: 8
MAHOUT: Mr. Sangeam Nanta


Boombim, or Bumbin is a highly confident female elephant. According to her mahout, Ngiam, this confidence can turn to stubbornness at times. However, she is also very expressive in her happiness. She will make a loud noise to show she is enjoying something. Confident and outgoing as she is, Boombim does have one fear: dragonflies. She does not like taking baths in the river when there are many dragonflies around, but she is brave when she must be. Boombim deals with her phobia by immersing her entire body in the water, head included, in order to avoid the dragonflies.

Being such an expressive elephant, Boombim was perhaps meant to be an artist. She began painting at the age of six. It took some time for her to catch on, but she is now painting beautiful, realistic pictures. Roses are her specialty. Painting is a very relaxing time for Boombim. Her mahout gives her a bath before she practices, and when she is finished, she gets to indulge in bananas or sugarcane. We are sure that this relaxing atmosphere will continue to foster Boombim's creativity and self-expression.

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