Thailand - Paya

Paya pic

CAMP: Maesa Elephant Camp

SEX: Male
AGE: 7
MAHOUT: Mr. In Kam

Paya was born in 2002. He can be a bit sullen at times, but does very much enjoy his time at the easel. Paya will often swing a leg, dance, and smile when he is painting. He started about three years ago, but was able to draw "self portraits" after only one year. it is astonishing how quickly Paya has excelled at creating figural works.

Paya has developed his own slow concise style of art making. More drawing than painting, he specializes in creating elephant heads. Paya is very slow and deliberate when working, but this can be expected as he creates the astonishing compositions that he does. With exacting control, Paya draws one slow deliberate line at a time. To see it is breathtaking, as the subject of Paya's focus slowly takes shape before your eyes.

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