Thailand - Gongkam

Gongkam pic

CAMP: Maesa Elephant Camp

ELEPHANT: Gongkam (also known as Kongkam)
SEX: Male
AGE: 10
MAHOUT: Khun Rak Rae

Gongkam's art training began six years ago as he began to paint with his mahout, Rak Rae. In his first year of painting, Gongkam proved to be a talented young artist and created beautiful works consisting of abstract curvilinear lines.

It was one fateful day a few years ago now that a traditional Chinese artist by the name of Chaowalit, began teaching Gongkam and another elephant, Wanpen, how to paint in a realistic Chinese style. In the following six months, Chaowalit worked closely with Gongkam and his mahout, Rak Rae. With much patience and perseverance, Gongkam was soon painting beautiful landscapes, trees, flowers, and bunches of grapes. The resulting works are truly astounding. Gongkam has amazing control of the brush and will carefully create a variety of brushstrokes upon the canvas. He is always very careful not to ever miss the canvas. The expression in his face and eyes reveal his deep concentration whilst in the midst of the creative process. Gongkam has continued to grow artistically and we are looking forward to the unimaginable possibilities that the future may hold for this talented artist.

When Gongkam is not painting, he loves to play soccer. In fact he represented Portugal in the "World Cup Fever" elephant soccer match this past year at the Maesa Elephant Camp.

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