Thailand - Wanpen

Wanpen pic

CAMP: Maesa Elephant Camp

SEX: Female
AGE: 11
MAHOUT: Khun Chien


Wanpen was born at the Maesa Elephant Camp in 1998 to coe Noy and bull Sidor. Wanpen means "full moon night" in Thai as she was born on a full moon. She began painting in 2000 along with the other elephants from the Maesa camp.

It was one fateful day a few years ago now that a traditional Chinese artist by the name of Chaowalit began teaching Wanpen and another elephant, Gongkam, how to paint in a realistic Chinese style. In the six months since their introduction, Chaowalit has been working closely with Wanpen and her mahout, Khun Chien. With much patience and perseverance, Wanpen was soon painting beautiful landscapes, trees, and flowers. The works are truly astounding. Wanpen has amazing control of the brush and will carefully create a variety of brushstrokes upon the canvas. She is always very careful when applying paint to the canvas and keeps her eyes fixed straight in front of her the entire time, whether she is making the downward stroke of a tree trunk or the single dot of a flower bud. The expression in her face reveals a deep wisdom despite her young age. We are looking forward to the unimaginable possibilities that the future may hold for Wanpen.

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