Thailand - Nom Chok

Nom Chok pic

CAMP: Ayuttaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal

SEX: Male
AGE: born in 1996
MAHOUT: Khun Wittaya


Taught how to paint by Komar & Melamid in 1998 when he was only two years old, Nom Chok since has been working for the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and is one of their most famous elephants. Featured in the book, When Elephants Paint, when he was a baby, Nom Chok has since blossomed into a very professional painter. At the tender age of two, he was lauded as the "enfant terrible" of the elephant art world and as one can see in his works, he has definitely lived up to the title.

Nom Chok was the youngest elephant that Komar & Melamid trained back in 1998. He is extremely bright and by the age of two, he wielded the brush with confident but childlike exuberance. Now four years later, he has the control of a master artist. His style now consists of strong signature vertical lines. Nom Chok has amassed a beautiful body of work over the years and we were so very happy to work with him once again.

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